When it comes to independent venues, there’s much to get your excited trousers out for in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Whether we’re talking music, theatre, comedy, film, cabaret or spoken word shenanigans, there will always be somebody, somewhere who is putting on something brilliant. Get your peepers around these for starters.


Newcastle is blessed with a collection of flexible and ambitious venues which make it their mission to deliver a diverse and exciting stream of events for the pleasure of all who fancy venturing inside. What a lovely bunch they are – and what a lucky bunch we are.

Film - Cinemas to sink into

There’s not much that feels more like a 100% treat to us than spending a couple of hours in the dark and in front of a big screen. With something on it. And Newcastle has a truly lovely collection of independent places where you can do just that.

Live Music

Whether you’re looking for a rocking night to blow your socks off, an evening of thumping dance music or an intimate couple of hours of unplugged loveliness to lose yourself in, you’ll be well served.

Theatre & Comedy

From world class new writing and experimental theatre to household name comedy and hit touring productions, the theatre and comedy scene in Newcastle and Gateshead is a very good one – and getting better all the time, too.

“A very fine theatre of the highest theatrical and architectural quality”
The Theatres Trust