Across Newcastle and Gateshead, we’re lucky enough to have a punch bowl-style melting pot of places to get a drink – and usually some grub if you’re hungry too.

Here’s the beginnings of our recommendations for the best kinds of pubs, micro-breweries, tap houses and cafes you’ll find on either side of the River Tyne.

They’re all brilliant, and standing by to welcome you in, shake your hand and quench your thirst. Bottoms up.

Micro Pubs and Tap Houses

As the surge in small-but-perfectly formed brewery operations pop up all over the shop and the trendy trend of craft ale beds itself in, there’s been an excellent explosion of micro pubs and tap houses in Newcastle and Gateshead in recent years. Let’s take a moment to give a big clinky cheers to that.

Proper pubs - where perfect pints are pulled

Where perfect pints are pulled

Newcastle's tourist bus tour should add a stop so that people could gaze down adoringly at that pie – as we did before scoffing the lot.
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