Northern Stage

What is it?

A home for theatre and ideas of all kinds, Northern Stage – formerly Newcastle Playhouse – is a theatre and producing theatre company which shows a spectrum-spanning slate of local, national and international productions and makes a boatload of its own original ones too. There are three stages of varying sizes to choose from… although two of them have been known to join forces for truly epic productions.

Why is it smashing?

Known for collaborating with a crowd of original and innovative souls, the advent of a new season brochure from Northern Stage is always a source of excitement. There’s also a mountain of stuff to get involved with, whatever your age. Or indeed your shoe size. Finally, if you’re a North East-based person looking to learn and train in the art of performing arts, this would be a great place to start exploring your options.


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Address: Barras Bridge, Newcastle, NE1 7RH

Images: Instagram/northern_stage