Karma Kitchen

What is it?

Run by an Indian vegan mother Sunita and her daughters Meera nad Reema, Karma Kitchen is a restaurant, takeaway and delivery service which offers to introduce your tastebuds to an absolute embarrassment of plant-based Punjabi dishes.

Why is it smashing?

Put simply, their food is very delicious as well as being wholesome, freshly prepared and vegan.
You’ll never look at tofu the same way again once you’ve tried their Tofu Tikka Masala and just because it’s meat and dairy free doesn’t mean you can’t have spicy chips and a naan on the side.

Covid-19: Although the popular Bigg Market restaurant has been closed since UK lockdown came into effect, the Karma Kitchen delivery service has been busy busy busy. Not only that, but the Karma Boxed option, which allows people from all over the UK to order ready made meals, has also proved very popular… which is no surprise.

You can find delivery details here and Karma Boxed info here.

Website: www.karma-kitchen.co.uk

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Address: Karma Kitchen, Bigg Market, Newcastle

Images: Instagran/karmakitchencafe