Dene’s Deli

What is it?

An storming sandwich shop – which won the 2017 Sammies Gold Award for Independent Retailer – Dene’s Deli has been serving up a startling array of quality sarnies for a quarter of a century. Perched perfectly on the edge of the glorious Jesmond Dene, Dene’s has buttered itself beautifully into the lunch hour routine of the city… and many other times of day besides.

Why is it smashing?

Well, reading the huge menu is a treat in itself, with offerings like Last Mango in Paris, You Must Be Smoking and Reggie the Veggie. We’ve struggled to come up with anything that isn’t on offer – from simple, traditional fillings like Ham and Pease Pud to exotic taste combinations like their Local Hero with gammon, nettle cheese, raspberry mustard mayo, carrot and spinach. There’s also a shedload of veggie and vegan options. And if you struggle to get away from your desk, they’ll bring your order to you.


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Address: 244, Jesmond Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 1LD

Images: Instagram/denesdeli