Les Petit Choux

What is it?

A corking family-run coffee shop and top drawer patisserie which is presided over by a mother and her two daughters – baking masters all it seems. Everything you see on the menu will have been freshly made on site using quality ingredients. So even if you’ don’t think you’re hungry when you arrive, the wonderful whiff of the latest bake is sure to get your tastebuds interested.

Why is it smashing?

Well, for starters, the cakes, pastries, scones and flatbreads are absolutely delightful. These lasses can bake. And no mistake. Couple all over the above with a genuinely warm and friendly atmosphere and you’ve got to wonder what’s not to love about this place?

Website: www.les-petits-choux.co.uk

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Address: Les Petits Choux, 11 Leazes Crescent, Newcastle, NE1 4LN

Images: Instagram/LetPetitChoux