In My House is a lockdown anthem to get down to

Surprise! The Cornshed Sisters drop a disco pop track for dancing behind closed doors. Sam Wonfor puts on her dancing slippers and gives it a spin.

The Cornshed Sisters' new single In My House is out on April 10

The Cornshed Sisters’ new single In My House is out on April 10

I’ve always thought the Cornshed Sisters’ music was a little bit magical, and the latest news from the North East female four-piece is only adding fuel to that tuneful fire.

The band: Jennie Brewis, Cath Stephens, Liz Corney (Field Music) and Marie Nixon (formerly of Kenickie) have fast-forwarded the release of a track from their unfinished next album due to its absolute – and slightly spooky – relevance for these unprecedented times.

In My House is an utterly upbeat pop tune which “extols the virtues of creating a loving, happy, cocooned home in vexed circumstances”.  I mean, come on. Fair enough, ‘vexed’ might be soft-pedalling slightly, but who’s not adoring the idea of a loving happy cocoon to isolate in?

Despite appearances, the song, which comes out today (Friday, April 10) was not inspired by the quarantined Covid-19 reality we find ourselves in – it was written around a snug Scottish fireside yonks ago.

But as it turns out, In My House – produced by Daphne and Celeste producer Max Tundra – offers a perfect and love-soaked soundtrack for the lockdown we’re all living through.

Jennie says: “We had started recording an album to be released much later this year, and we’d only fully completed one song! But as luck would have it the song In My House just feels really apt for our times.

“It’s all about being cocooned, safe and making lovely things happen in your own home. So we thought we really needed to share this now and not wait for the album. So, totally unscheduled we’ve decided to release it.”

As well as serving up a cracking tune to take a swirl around the kitchen to, the surprise release of In My House is also offering The Cornshed Sisters a new platform from which they can connect with fans and fans-to-be during a massively challenging time for musicians and performers.

Jennie says: ‘For most of us our work as musicians involves lots of face to face music making with the community. We run choirs for young people and in care home settings, songwriting workshops, music lectures, co-ordinate writing projects etc.

“We are currently trying to work out how to do these things in our new digital world with serious income and resources loss.

“We always really want to share the new music we’ve been writing, especially if it helps others feel connected to us and each other. Buying the song is also a brilliant way to support us in these tricky times.”

If you would like to support the The Cornshed Sisters, why not grab yourself a copy of In My House from Bandcamp.


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